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Victory Ministries Food Pantry & Free Store

The Victory Ministries Food Pantry opened its doors in 1983 as a faith-based community resource ministry and has been serving the needs of low-income residents of Central Ohio ever since.  Recognizing that many in the community struggled with practical issues like putting food on the table and providing clothing for their families, Victory Ministries was founded to directly meet the "basic needs" of the poor.

What is hunger?
The American Institute of Nutrition and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) define hunger as a circumstance in which an individual unwillingly goes without food for an intermittent or extended period of time. More than 1.2 million people in Ohio are hungry or at risk for hunger (food insecure) every day, according to the USDA.

Demographics (who we serve)
70% Minorities
66% Women (18-59)
54% Children (0-17) and Elderly (59+)

  • 44% of clients have had to choose between buying food and paying for utilities
  • 29% of clients have to choose between buying food and paying rent
  • 25% of clients have to choose between food and medical care (including mental health care).

Food Pantry Statistics

Since opening in1983, Victory Ministries Food Pantry has distributed over 7 million pounds of food.

In 2013 the Food Pantry distributed emergency food to 6,611 families. 16% increase since 2011.

30% of people visiting the Food Pantry at Victory Ministries have never been to a food pantry before.

In 2013, food costs for the ministry increased by 39%. A 3-day supply of food costs $11.57 per family.

Breakdown of Ministry

  • Serve 19,000 individuals annually (including all services)
  • The Victory Ministries Food Pantry distributes 17,000 lbs of food monthly
  • The Free Clothing Store gives away 2 tons of clothing each month
  • Operation Pure Religion distributes food to 25 individuals (shut-ins, elderly and handicapped) each month
  • Victory Ministries Pastoral Support Ministry has been privileged to lead thousands to Christ
  • The annual Christmas Family Outreach distributes over 60,000 lbs of food to 3,535 individuals equal to 1,050 families

Victory Ministries Pastoral Support
More than fifteen dedicated pastors volunteer one afternoon each month to provide spiritual support in our chapel each day. This is the opportunity for clients to receive prayer, encouragement, and healing. Each client comes in need of food and clothing, but many have deeper issues that need attention as well. These are real people with real needs and when they come through our doors, we do not see faceless statistics ... we see individuals who need ministry and love.

Poverty has many faces…
I love coming to VM, I always get so much from the time in the chapel. Sometimes I come, not for the food, but to receive prayer. ~ Ruby

I own my own home, but when my husband left me he took everything. The nice people at VM helped me get on my feet again and maintain my dignity in the process. ~ Jane

I have been coming to VM for many years now. As a senior citizen on a very low fixed income, I cannot make it without their help. I thank God everyday for the love I receive when I go there. ~ Stewart


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Victory Ministries Food Pantry and Free Clothing Store

Hours of Operation: 12:30-3 p.m. Tuesday-Friday
Identification Needed for Services: photo id, proof of address — (for all adults >18), Proof for children
Appointment needed — Call 614-252-2500

Service available for all zip codes